We are a US-SEC Registered Investment Advisor specializing in financial planning and investment advice for expatriate clients.  We invest your money the way we invest our own money: balanced, disciplined, successful.

Fee-only Basis

Our services are provided on a fee-only basis, which sets us apart from the great majority of financial advisors. Being a fee-only company, our independent, professional advice and services are never in conflict with your investment goals.

Unbiased Advice

Our advice is untainted by an agenda to sell commission based products. At Freeman Capital Management you will always receive objective, professional service.

3 Questions You Need to Ask

What are the questions you simply must ask if you are going to get financial advice from a financial advisor. Anyone who purports to be a legitimate financial advisor should be willing to stand behind these claims.


Don holds ongoing financial investment seminars in the US and internationally. He believes in educating and empowering people to make sound financial decisions.


A new initiative in Chiang Mai aimed at expats, retirees, investors or anyone who has a real interest in money.

Location: The Airport Greenery,  Chiang Mai (Call  089-970-5795 for directions)

When: (11:30 -1:00) Last Thursday of each month