Don Freeman’s Investment Clinics

Don’s Investment Clinics provide the knowledge for financial empowerment for expatriate and international investors.

Introductory Investment Clinic:

In this free clinic Don explains:

  • How the stock market works
  • Common investment pitfalls that expatriates should be aware
  • 10 ways to protect your money from the most common scams directed toward expatriates
  • Why smart investors are switching from mutual funds and unit investment trusts into low cost Exchange-Traded Funds, the fastest growing investment vehicle in the U.S. and Europe
  • How to invest in emerging market economies and buy the best stocks at the right time

If there ever was a time you needed to attend a Free Investment Clinic, it is now. Don’s Free clinics will show you how to become a better investor and grow your money as well as provide a complete introduction to the global financial markets.  Don has a genuine desire to help people understand the ins and outs of investing and the stock market.  His clinics are designed to explain the most important details of investment know-how so that you can make the smartest decisions for growing your money.

Don’s Upcoming Investment Clinics will cover topics such as:

  • How to realistically spot market tops and bottoms
  • How to Buy Low and Sell High
  • How to understand the psychology of human group behavior that lead to stock market cycles – and how to grow your money from this understanding
  • How to build a diversified portfolio of global stocks and funds
  • How to minimize the investment-related fees you pay

Don is an enthusiastic teacher of intelligent investment strategies both internationally and in the U.S.  He has a genuine desire to help people understand the world of investing and the stock market.  Don has taught investment classes at the Portland Community College for the last 10 years and has been a guest speaker at the National Association of Investment GroupsRotary International and Lions Clubs.  He currently holds regular free investment clinics in Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Vietnam.

Don’s Mission: Empowering expatriates to make better financial decisions.

Don Freeman is Managing Director of Freeman Capital Management, a US Registered Investment Advisor.   He provides personal investment advice to expatriates throughout SE Asia and the United States.

If you wish to attend an upcoming seminar or book Don for a seminar contact him at:


Upcoming Events


Free Investment Clinic- VIETNAM

Location: New World Hotel Saigon, 76 Le Lai St., Dist. 1, HCMC
Free Entrance   (directions)

When: To Be Announced,   6:00 to 7:30 pm ( A Two Week Series)


  • 4 ways to easily invest in emerging markets and US equities using low cost Exchange-Traded Funds (The fastest growing investment vehicle in the US)
  • The post global economic meltdown and what it means going forward
  • Understand the psychology of human group behavior that leads to stock market recessions and bubbles
  • The Technology Revolution and why it is the driving force behind globalization
  • How to build a diversified global portfolio of stocks, bonds, and funds
  • The 2010 US financial reform act: How it is designed to protect investors
  • US Roth or Traditional IRAs
  • Stocks on the move….is now the time to buy Google, Apple or Microsoft?

At the end of the two part series you will have a thorough understanding of how the global markets work, and learn the most cost-efficient way to invest while living overseas as an expatriate.



CHIANG MAI UNIVERSITY- Stock Market Investing for Beginners

Location: Chiang Mai University (UNISERV),  Thailand

When: To be announced


  • The fundamentals of investing in stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds, and diversification.
  • 4 Ways to avoid investment scams directed at retired expatriates
  • How to open an online brokerage account and invest in the global markets.
  • What is Cloud Computing and how to invest in this growing technology sector.
  • Stocks on the move…Is now the time to buy Google, Apple, or Microsoft?
  • How to invest in fast-growing technology stocks and emerging market economies such as Brazil, Vietnam, China and even Laos!
  • Most cost efficient ways to transfer money into and out of Thailand.


Free Investment Clinic- Thailand

Location: Khun Woody’s Sandwich Shoppe, Chalong (directions) Phuket, Thailand

When: To be announced


Where or when to invest your money? Need help understanding stocks, funds or fees?  Is now the time to buy Google, Apple or Microsoft? Have your questions answered at the FREE Investment Clinic Q&A sessions, while enjoying a cup of coffee.  Join Don Freeman,  President of Freeman Capital Management, and learn how to find the best stocks at the right time and when to sell to protect your profits.


One-Day Investment Workshop for Busy People

Location: Portland Community College , Portland, Oregon  USA

When: Spring / Summer each year


Portfolio manager, Don Freeman, will show you step-by-step how to buy winning stocks, profit using exchange traded funds, pinpoint entry and exit points and risk and money management. Learn a disciplined and balanced approach to investing.


How to Build Your Portfolio in A Changing New Global Economy

Location: Portland Community College , Portland, Oregon  USA

When: To be announced


The spread of democracy and capitalism worldwide will continue throughout the century. Learn four specific rules of the New Global Economy all investors must now embrace for financial success in the stock market.


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