Don Freeman’s Investment Clinics

Don’s Investment Clinics provide the knowledge for financial empowerment.

Introductory Investment Clinic:

In this free clinic Don explains:

  • How the stock market works
  • Common investment pitfalls that expatriates should be aware
  • 10 ways to protect your money from the most common scams directed toward expatriates
  • Why smart investors are switching from mutual funds and unit investment trusts into low cost Exchange-Traded Funds, the fastest growing investment vehicle in the U.S. and Europe
  • How to invest in emerging market economies and buy the best stocks at the right time

If there ever was a time you needed to attend a Free Investment Clinic, it is now. Don’s Free clinics will show you how to become a better investor and grow your money as well as provide a complete introduction to the global financial markets.  Don has a genuine desire to help people understand the ins and outs of investing and the stock market.  His clinics are designed to explain the most important details of investment know-how so that you can make the smartest decisions for growing your money.

Don’s Upcoming Investment Clinics will cover topics such as:

  • How to realistically spot market tops and bottoms
  • How to Buy Low and Sell High
  • How to understand the psychology of human group behavior that lead to stock market cycles – and how to grow your money from this understanding
  • How to build a diversified portfolio of global stocks and funds
  • How to minimize the investment-related fees you pay

Don is an enthusiastic teacher of intelligent investment strategies both internationally and in the U.S.  He has a genuine desire to help people understand the world of investing and the stock market.  Don has taught investment courses at the Portland Community College for 10 years and has been a guest speaker at the National Association of Investment Groups, Rotary International and Lions Clubs.

Don’s Mission: Empowering expatriates to make better financial decisions.

Don Freeman is Managing Director of Freeman Capital Management, a US Registered Investment Advisor.   He provides personal investment advice to expatriates.

If you wish to attend an upcoming seminar or book Don for a seminar contact him at:



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