At Freeman Capital we believe in keeping our fees simple and transparent.

  • As a fee-based investment advisor, we derive income from an advisory fee.
  • We are not transaction or commission-oriented.
  • We are not affiliated with any large insurance or brokerage firms and as such are not compensated in any way by such firms.
  • We provide independent advice and do not use unit-linked life insurance, annuities or redemption bonds issued by insurance companies.

Our fee structure assures that we will provide the best investment advice for your individual investment goals. Understanding fees should be simple. Our approach allows you to grow your assets without being drained by unnecessary fees.

Since our portfolio management fees are calculated as a percentage of your investment assets, our incentive is to make you money, not to simply buy and sell many times over in order to generate commissions.

We invest to make our clients money and for no other reason.

Freeman Capital is not a huge corporation, therefore, clients meet directly with Don Freeman, their portfolio manager. There are no salesmen or middle men involved which allows us to charge lower fees than most advisors serving the expatriate community  . It is our personal and professional passion to help clients grow their money and to provide independent analysis of the financial markets.

Our portfolio management fees follow these guidelines:

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  • Our Guidelines

    • ETFs have an average annual expense ratio of 0.17%, a minimal charge by the fund company to cover its costs of operation.
    • No insurance products, nor do we recommend them
    • No surrender charges
    • No upfront costs or load fees
    • No establishment charges
    • No 12b-1 fees
    • No commissions
    • No transfer fees